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Thursday, 29 August 2013

I reckon this deserves a post on its own (haven't been to schedule an appointment yet, in case you're wondering)

I'm hiding out on campus so I don't have to go back just yet. I might stick around for lunch later, just now I ate some of the snacks I'd left in my office (how convenient for present me and how thoughtful of past-me). I didn't even finish breakfast. Before leaving I remembered one of the classrooms for today's classes had changed to a lab and, as all labs require goggles, I thought I'd bring a pair... just in case, even if it was just a class and we had no experiment to do and the experiment likely wouldn't require goggles. I hesitated for a bit before picking a pair but I picked the pair that MrInteresting paid for. Wouldn't be relevant It's probably not relevant at all except for the fact that when I got on the bus I saw him there. I greeted him and moved to one of my usual seats near the back. He actually got up to get his things and sit next to me. We talked a bit and he said he had to study, so I told him I'd better let him study and opted for reading Cyrano de Bergerac (didn't have Les Misérables at that point). Then it gets a bit odd because he didn't actually make it all the way to campus. He waited for the bus with me, and the bus had room for his bicycle, but he didn't get on. He even had to ask which way the university was. If it weren't for a tidbit about the class I'm teaching (which I suppose he could have heard about in conversation with someone else), I would be very certain he just got on the wrong bus and lied his way through the rest of the trip. The alternative is that he'd never made it that far needing to ride his bicycle (unlikely, since it's not his first day). The less plausible but not completely impossible alternative to that is that I've found myself a stalker. A professional one, no less. His mention of how he saw me a couple of months ago walking into a store and walking out but not thinking of saying hi doesn't help matters much. 

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