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Friday, 2 August 2013


Last night I had a dream where my sister and I travelled together. I remember us flying over a volcano in the middle of the sea which, for some reason or other, caused this large, rainbow-shaped cloud over it to turn the most amazingly bright colours. I think I asked her if she'd seen it, and whether she'd taken pictures of it. I later remember trying to find it online from its name (something asian-sounding). I remember us carrying suitcases full of groceries and there being ants in one of our bags. I also seem to remember an old house with lots of rooms (not unlike a hotel, I suppose) where my parents' friend's wife was cooking and we helped her. Mostly, I remember worrying: "do I have my documents with me?", "will they stop us in customs?", "I don't want to get in trouble."

Unrelated, it was bothering me. So much so I wasted at least two hours last night before falling asleep looking for it. So much so I woke up thinking of a new place to look for it. Remember how in my last exchange with EBF there was something I almost showed him and then didn't? Well, why would you? I only mentioned it ever so quickly and never said what it was. Until a while ago, I'd completely forgotten what it was myself but a few days ago I decided I wanted to say a variation of it to AOB but just couldn't find it. I ended up writing something else for him but couldn't leave it alone. You can decide if it's worth the trouble or not:

"Whenever you see half of something,"

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