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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

For the record, I'm not a very good spy

SmTn was online today. It's now been months since his last e-mail... Nevertheless, he wanted to thank me for his birthday present and we talked a bit. Nothing much unusual about him saying he should go to sleep and only really going to sleep a half hour later, but when I told him to have sweet dreams of birthday cakes he mentioned in a "oh, by the way..." way that he'd had a dream about me. Or that I'd been in a dream of his one of these days. I had half a mind not to ask but I did anyway: what did I do in his dream? He said he didn't remember, that he thought I was probably wearing a dark suit like I was in the last picture of me I sent him (not so, the last picture I sent him had me in a flowery dress). Something about it felt a bit made up... I spy with my third eye a white little lie... But I really shouldn't make anything of it, so I'll end this here. 

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