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Sunday, 11 August 2013

For fuck's sake! It's SCIENCE!

I'm in the living room attempting to watch films when aunt A walks in. She's furious because they kept her at too-cold-for-her-comfort temperatures at places she willingly walked into. None of my bloody business. Rather than understand most other people prefer cooler temperatures, she of course mocks them and ridicules their tastes like we're the ones with a problem. Today she's playing sick. Since it's too damned hot, I had turned the fan on because fuck if I'll get into an argument if I try lowering the temperature when I'm by my fucking self. She's sure to think I'm WASTING THE ALL THE ENERGIES!!! and SPENDING ALL HER MONIES!!! She walks in and says it's freezing fucking cold in the living room. It's fucking not. The air is moving, for a change, but it's no fucking colder than the thermostat allows. That's how fans fucking work. They move air. They have no inherent ability to lower the temperature of the air. The whole reason they cool is because air around you gets to move instead of warming up with your body heat and sticking around making you uncomfortable. I tried to explain this but aunt A thinks that since she feels cold then they obviously cool the air, why-would-I-argue-otherwise? I tell her my room reaches temperatures of 27ºC even when I'm running both fans and the living room temperature reads whatever else. I explain that the thermostat doesn't read the temperature in my room, only the living room, and that when the sun hits the room, with it being pretty small and having a low ceiling (compared to the living room, where hot air can rise and stay put), it's not only perfectly possible but it happens on a regular fucking basis. It's the stuff that wakes me up and keeps me from having a full night's sleep, but what would she fucking know?

Where's my first paycheck? Where? Can I start working already, please? Can I buy my own portable air conditioner so I can sleep in peace? Can I not have to argue science with the resident crazy person? Please?!

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