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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Film reviews

How one thing leads to another: I get an e-mail from Quora and I click on the least interesting article possible only because a celebrity appeared to have written on it and it seemed odd enough I thought I'd check if it was really them. Next thing you know I'm watching Wilde because I just had to and if that's not reason enough, because: Stephen Fry. It's a rather beautiful film, and I find it to be sadly current with its theme of homophobia. I'm saddened to find out through the film that this brilliant and wonderful man had such an end. I'm not so much sad that he made all of these foolish decisions just because of character-Bosie (I know not if real-life Bosie had such a hold over him), everyone (even if they're smart) is allowed foolishness in the name of love. Oh, how the good die young... I already loved him before, but I love Stephen Fry even more. It seems I'd only seen him in secondary roles up until now and he really had a chance to act this time. Plus, I just adore his voice. There are few things more wonderful than Oscar Wilde's lines read by Stephen Fry. 

I believe another film review is pending for Girl Most Likely. Admittedly, I watched it just for Darren Criss and walked in knowing it had very poor reviews (we would have almost ended up watching Despicable Me 2 again that day). Maybe it's because I thought it would be dreadful that I didn't find it to be half as bad as the reviews stated. True, it starts out a little cliché, turns quirky-cliché and then a tiny bit ridiculous, but pleasantly so (for me, at any rate). It's about true happiness and about self-fulfilment, about not making quick judgement and seeing things for what they truly are. All through whimsy.

For the last few days I've had songs from Les Misérables stuck in my head. Pretty much all of them. Part of it may be to blame on having watched the 25th anniversary special. I came out of it glad that the 2012 film is so good, hating Russel Crowe's performance a little more, loving Samantha Barks and Ramin Karimloo a little more. It's a shame they had this horrible set up where all actors sang straight at the audience and into a microphone on a stand, because even the most intense dialogues are lost that way. Even if the actors were singers rather than actors (except, perhaps, for Samantha Barks, Alfie Boe, and Ramin Karimloo) it's really a pity to ruin the drama of it all by faulty planning. At least the main characters should have had some of those attached microphones, wouldn't you agree?

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