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Monday, 5 August 2013

Damn it, Microsoft!

Admittedly, this makes me far more angry than it has any good reason to, but it makes me furious! So... mum called on Skype, uncle C and aunt B were here with LC4 and while I'm stuck talking to aunt B hearing aunt B it turns out SmTn had tried to start a conversation in the tab I'd left open. He said he had someplace interesting to go and he had to go to sleep after a while because I didn't get back to him. Several problems that bring me endless frustration:

1) Why doesn't the chat have some form of signal so I can know that I'm being talked to? The tab could blink, there could be some kind of sound, there could be a message of some kind... anything!

2) Why doesn't the chat save the conversations? It used to, apparently, but I went to save the conversation and look up whatever SmTn was going to do so we could talk about it later and I accidentally closed the tab, which forever deleted the whole bloody conversation because outlook won't save them and fucking Chrome won't warn you when you're about to close multiple tabs.

3) Why doesn't Chrome warn you when you're closing multiple tabs? Every other bloody explorer allows it! What could possibly be so hard about building the feature into Chrome, knowing it brings so many so much frustration, if it can be made into an extension (by Google, no less)? Just... UGH!

I would have checked to see if maybe the messages saved somewhere in Skype but... mother of all things, Microsoft!

4) Even though my Microsoft and Skype accounts are merged, if my computer opts to log in from Skype it won't show the bloody Microsoft contacts! What could be so hard? If the accounts are fucking merged then fucking merge them! If I've merged my Microsoft account to my Skype account, why can't Skype show me my Microsoft contacts when I log in through Skype, why?!

Sorry. I needed to vent. Still unreasonably furious with Microsoft. Loyal user, cavewoman that I am, but damn it, it's far from practical.

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