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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cut out the shit, aunt A! You have NO right!

Cleaning lady is here. Aunt A is feeling very self-righteous telling her what temperature to set her air conditioning at during the night (she prefers a cooler temperature... just like fucking everyone except aunt A) and aunt A is all "Oh, but you're wasting energy! It must be costing you so much! This low temperature is actually bad for the air conditioning system!" What does she fucking know?! Why does she preach such bollocks and pretends that feeling comfortable at cooler temperatures (especially to sleep!) is somehow wrong because it's not what she prefers? There is such a thing as scientist who study thermal comfort and she'd be surprised to find she's in a minority. She'd be surprised to find that her preferences are not the rule for what is good for everyone else. If she were so concerned about wasting money I can think of so many ways she's wasting it (buying clothes and make-up she doesn't need, anyone?) that would well pay for the slightly lower temperatures in the house. It just puts me in a fit, this! She's a real life internet troll except for the part where internet trolls are mostly aware of how they're sparking fury by making their statements and do so on purpose (not necessarily believing them). Aunt A is all about causing conflict where only she sees it and belittling those who think and feel differently from her. What is her business telling the cleaning lady what to do with her money as far as thermal comfort is concerned? If she likes to sleep at a cooler temperature, then let her! I'm sure she weighed the comfort's worth more than whatever money she might be saving (not all that much, actually). 

Just... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! It angers me so!

I want to buy my own portable air conditioner and it will be the ultimate act of rebellion because aunt A will not shut her trap about it. She'll call me wasteful and tell me I'll be wasting all her energies and spiking all her energy bills that she doesn't even pay and all for comfort she doesn't believe in! Bureaucracy!!! Why are you making my first paycheck so late?? Paycheck... where are you?!

Oh, and, by the way... the thing that started this conversation is the fact that aunt A is sick. I daresay this is part psychological and 100% her fault. She makes herself sick, especially when uncle A is away. She's blaming it on having been in too cool temperatures in meetings she willingly attended and didn't think to bring a scarf to. That's not how the cold works, or else no one could ever speak in cold climates. The cold on its own can't make people sick. That's a myth. The cold can lower your defences, but it's a bad immune system and exposure to a virus that will make you sick. Not the temperature. So she really can't fucking argue that a cool house is making her sick. That is just NOT TRUE. Want to know what contributes to exposure to a virus? Bad hygiene, like hers. She closes her hand into a fist and coughs on it. Does she feel very elegant? Because she's certainly not very polite in doing so, it spreads the virus even more. She should cough into her elbow, like it's recommended, or at least carry tissue papers to cough into and then THROW IN THE BIN. She carries around dirty tissue papers in her purse. She doesn't wash her hands so very often (no matter how she pretends this isn't so). She doesn't have much control over her bad immune system but she doesn't help it either and refuses tried and proved home remedies because she doesn't like them and doesn't feel like trying, so she continues to be sick (which I believe is actually her purpose, whether she realises it or not). 

AAAAAaaaaAAAaaaAAaAaGgGHGhGHHGGHGGGgHhhggghhhhHHHHHhHH!!! It's a bad day to live in the house of crazy.

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