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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Back to dream logging

Had a dream last night (not that I didn't before, I actually dreamed a lot more often than usual while away, I just forgot everything except a song I once woke up to: the Beatle's "Eleanor Rigby"). 

After a Phantom of the Opera show, I ran out to get the Phantom's autograph (even if he was my least favourite Phantom). He was so nice and so sweet I joked about how I'd absolutely invite him out to a cup of coffee, which I imagined (correctly) was somehow forbidden. He said he'd ask me out to a cup of coffee himself. Fast forward a little bit and he's on his way out of the theatre and so am I. I ran to brush my teeth in a room next to his, with the hunch that he might try to reach me when no one else was there if my timing was just right and I got out before he was gone. When I opened the bathroom door I found him right there, waiting for me. He made to give me a hug and I quite daringly went for a kiss. He kissed me back. It was a quick sweet kiss. When it was over he said it just couldn't be because we lived so far away but it was lovely. 

After this I ran back to where my parents were waiting in the car. It's at least a little odd that I wanted to tell A about it (I suppose it wouldn't make a lot of sense to tell anyone else, but it's odd that I wanted to do it anyway). I couldn't quite get to it, though, because she was interviewing another lead actor from another show (he even gave her a short tour around the wardrobe and props) and was about to go in to watch it. I didn't have tickets for the show, so I just walked out and messed around with a Chinese food poster set as circles about a circumference, each displaying a character or a meal. I could move them with my mind, "lifting the food up" (in some cases, dripping with sauce or whatever was near it) and placing it someplace else, later wondering if the change was there for anyone else and whether someone else could do the same thing. 

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