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Monday, 10 June 2013

Makes me want to scream, shout and get the fuck out

What the fuck is it with her, anyway?

She's staying up extra late only to change back my cool-enough-to-sleep settings. She's supposed to be bloody asleep! She's in her room, where no air conditioning blows. She has no reason to feel cold. Next she'll say I'm just wasteful and a spoiled little brat. Well, you know what? I'm furious enough right now that I feel like throwing decorum and manners right out the window. It's not like aunt A is being half civilised to my sister anyway. I'd pick up my bags and leave. I would leave everything I didn't buy with my (or my parents') money. I wouldn't care if that left me penniless. I wouldn't care if there was a big fight. I wouldn't care if it gave her a heart attack, she'd deserve it because she's doing it completely out of spite and does it not make her despicable? She said "I'm sure you girls love aunt MT (more than me)" but... what would she expect? Here it took almost all week to get in touch with aunt MT to let her know I got her presents. She said no thanks were needed because she'd done it willingly, out of love and I know it to be true but it's all the more reason to want to thank her because she's so lovely, you know? Her inexpensive gestures mean the world to me because they're loving gestures and she'd never be one to point my faults so much as say "you'll do better next time." Where aunt A thinks she owns me, aunt MT expects nothing in return for her kindness. You tell me why I prefer her, why leaving here penniless would still be winning if I can see her sooner than later.

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