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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

"Hopeless" in "romantic"

Oh, for the love of... 

Of course! The soap opera!

Even a good one's terrible, dears. Even one with good, reasonably human characters. Even one that tries to use proper grammar (and fails spectacularly... especially because it failed spectacularly). You see, the male lead is awful, and I do mean awful. It's bad enough that the soap opera has replaced daydreaming, that it makes me think of LesMisGuy and SmTn and wonder (only to reject the idea immediately, of course) if there's a parallel somewhere (of course there isn't, do I need to say it?). It's the fact that the idea of happiness offered by the storyline is exactly what anyone reasonable would label as "misery." You don't want the love of your life to be someone with clear anger management and drinking problems. Why would anyone ditch a fairy tale prince, one who's polite and sweet, who's interested in women for who they are, who has no problem expressing his feelings, who has one's best interests in mind? Why would one's best friends be such foolish harpies, always (safe one) so willing to give bad advice? It's just all wrong! Why is the reasonable chance at achieving happiness, one properly depicted as such, turned down? Why?! Why are we trading the happiness of the lead for the selfish happiness of everyone else, pretending this makes a happy ending? You know your dreams are dead when you have to borrow daydreams from a soap opera. You know no dreams, even awful, borrowed ones, have any chance of working out when you've sunk this low. I know where the story is going. And I don't want it to turn out that way so I'm hesitant to go on watching. I've stopped watching. I will not sit and watch as a drunken tantrum leads to a fake happy ending.

Here's the problem: soap operas defend the idea that being with the person you fell in love with, at all costs, is always worth it. Even when you love the wrong person and, in this particular case, especially if you do. I know you suffer when you're in love, but happy endings in love need not be so depressing if you think about them a little too hard. Happy endings should be happy the more you think about them. Happy endings... deserve their names being honoured.

It's late. I should go. So much for romance, so much for hope, so much for dreams, for LesMisGuy and the ever-more-distant-though-I-can't-stop-thinking-of-his-birthday-present SmTn. 


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