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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Just imagine if I hadn't woken up when I did

I'm sure you will believe the dreams I woke up to this morning. All of which took place between 6am and 8:30am when my alarm went off (alarm to get up, get ready and start cooking... mother's day, aunt A and stuff). 

The dream I woke up to was one where the two lead mean girls from school had been plotting to kill A. They wanted her dead because A was planning to brandish a United States (could be United Kingdom, frankly I remember her using the second but thinking it was the first and expecting the first) in a procession. The plan to kill her involved making her walk through one of two doors bearing the insignia of a blue monarch/emperor butterfly. They'd let a butterfly in each room (just a small office-like space with sofas and a chimney) and one of the butterflies would have poison. Or not, maybe she just had to fall through a series of shoots and one of the two would have poison in it, so that by the time she landed she'd be dead. I went through one of the shoots and another girl went through the other. I remember seeing her at least one in the "stages" of the tubes shooting down and seeing her alive. I know I didn't see her after that and, knowing it was either her or me, realising she'd taken the wrong one. I'd overheard all of these plans over paper thin walls in a certain floor of a largish building. In this floor they had their bedrooms, closets, some changing rooms, some offices, and of course the "forbidden" rooms. I'd overheard them talking, had time to peep into the rooms and piece the whole thing together.

A got to use the wrong flag in the procession, which turned out to be for her university graduation. An old man had her rusticated and her degree made void but A just returned it and gave it up in a last act of rebellion. Quickly followed by everyone from school2 in that university turning in their degrees too (which oddly enough looked like long camera film rolls).  After all this I started A about the plot and she wanted to go into one of the mean girls' closet. I told her to go in but didn't tell her anything while we were right there because we could be overheard. I knew she was going to try something stupid anyway and made sure I wasn't right next to her ready to get caught, so I made ready to leave and hoped she'd catch up with me before someone else found me there.

Another long dream I will have to cut very short because the true plot is now lost on me involved a special child. Autistic (can children be schizophrenic?) or otherwise clearly different. He or she had written a story about imaginary friends in an imaginary world and the story had been made into a Pixar film script. However, the script introduced the child into the fantastic world through fictitious (rather than just imaginary) characters. The story in the film started with a snowball fight in a school yard, with the fictitious characters coming out from among the snowballs, springing to life and leading the lead character (the child, of course) to the world where the imaginary (and true) other characters lived. This was Pixar's romanticised version of what would have doubtless been otherwise troublesome because there would have been no nice way to break into the imaginary world. At the end of my dream the child started reading the handwritten story to his/her parents and the story actually ended with something along the lines of "and then Pixar made a film out of it including a different intro" which is why I got to bring it up a while ago.

Not exactly the last (since the one I woke up to was the one about A) but I've kept it "last to be retold" because you may want to turn away now. It involves me having sex with SmTn, in case you were wondering. On we go.

It starts rather innocently with SmTn being on vacation someplace warm and tropical. Both my sister and I are with him, running around buildings. I remember forgetting my flip-flops, at some point taking them off and then luckily finding them again just as we were about to continue walking. We were looking for some place in particular, one I remember from VdL being left and upwards of a church and sought with similar directions in my dream. Except in my dream there was a different feel about the city. It was medieval chic meets the beach. The hotel was slightly dark, made out of dark yellow/brown rocks with large glass panes, a long red carpet on the hallways and a warm air about it. It was sunset at this time, or the lighting made it seem this way. 

Also in this dream, I don't know where in time because this time it was bright and sunny outside we were by the seaside, on a pier where people were selling wares. We made a stop by racks of cloths, bandanas, kerchiefs and scarves. SmTn was looking for something to take home to his girlfriend. He asked about [cloths you wear around you when you're wearing nothing but your swimming suit] and I asked the saleswoman for him. The woman produced a tiny bandana-sized cloth that was square like we asked but had none of the other characteristics. A few moments later my sister and I saw SmTn trying to decide between two t-shirts, both very similar and equally horrible. They were light blue with blue lace and stamped pictures of Care Bears or something similar in white ink. They were supposed to be very feminine and girly. Both my sister and I found them to be revolting. I know that in my head I thought "sure, he likes his girlfriend to be girly, and he must know this is exactly the sort of thing she'd like as such... but it's just hideous!"

In another part of this dream (or perhaps a different dream altogether, also featuring SmTn) it was just SmTn and I in a hotel with plenty of other people, just like in summer school. Actually, it was supposed to be the exact same hotel, this time owned by other people, and they asked us to fill out a survey after some big meeting/presentation or other. As we walked out of this conference room I asked SmTn if he intended to go to this year's summer school and told him what I did in the e-mail I didn't send: I wish I could go but have "right" reasons not to. We were also given meals every day and had bedroom accommodations. My bedroom was in a similar place as it was before, except the construction of the house was very different. It was taller than it was wide and made of nested towers. Inside the house was a rectangular tower. In the bottom floor of this tower was the kitchen. In the top floor was the room I was staying in. The room I was staying in had yet another tower inside it and my room was in the top floor (this little tower only had two floors) and had a hallway out of it that led to the empty, non-towered, space next to it which was occupied by a criss-crossing array of ladders and ropes, statues of seahorses and two beds suspended (apparently but not really) mid-air. If it's worth noting, what used to be my bathroom had magically vanished (everything being replaced by just stumps where tubes should be) and I had to change bathrooms.

However, the house itself was not important. We went out for the night together. We refused that day's dinner (salmon something or other, telling the nice ladies at a table handing out the dinner tickets) that we were planning to grab dinner outside. I asked SmTn what he wanted to have and he didn't have an answer for me. We ended up on a huge rock on the seashore. The rock was light brown/dark yellow and the sun was setting again. Lots of people from our group were in the water, where it was about 15-20cm deep, dancing and partying. SmTn and I were with other people doing I-can't-remember-what and SmTn got bored, so he got up and started dancing by himself. I told him we could just join the others and we both climbed down. Before we could get in the water a storm suddenly broke. A very violent storm at that. SmTn had a bag full of his things and lost a lot of it. I remember being able to rescue his glasses (in my dream he wore glasses), they were kind of Ray Ban shaped but not really and the glass was ever so slightly tinted brown. One of the lenses had fallen off and I ventured into the shallow but violent water to try to find it and managed to. I was wearing my glasses and they helped protect my eyes as I looked underwater. His camera had also fallen off and I feared that both the camera and the glasses' lenses had been scratched by the sand. I remember the storm, whether it was just sand or some special kind of hail, felt like needles hitting me.

Fade out to another scene which I can't place temporally anywhere (which means I honestly don't know if it was before what I'm about to tell you) where SmTn and I were kissing. It was sweet and felt so... comfortable. What I remember more vividly is standing next to him, hand in hand, looking at a swimming pool where every 6m or so on each side sat a man. I was looking for a place where we could have sex and I distinctly remember asking him if he'd like to sit on one of these spaces, if we found one, and get a blow job from me. We couldn't find a spot but he said no anyway because this was some kind of hotel's pool and for obvious reasons it was forbidden to do such things in the pool, especially so openly. I considered a small "cave" I borrowed from a pool at a hotel from Ctg, long ago, but remembered it had no place for us to sit down comfortably. I don't know how exactly but the water here led us to a gas station (where the water eventually vanished, when it was all over). In the gas station we found a small shower-like space enclosed by dark brown tinted glass. It was good enough, so I got to work. We contorted a bit in the small space getting up, down, getting sweaty and cramped but having fun nonetheless. I was proud of myself for being able to deep-throat him. He came in my mouth and I made a mental note to give him a last squeeze. I spit out into "the pool" (not really there, we were, at best, just in an empty tub) but some of it got on my face and I cleaned it. When I was done, SmTn said it was my turn and we contorted ourselves into a new position. A short while later I realised the windows were just tinted and therefore see-through and feared we might be seen, so we lay down on the floor, sweaty as we were, and wondered what was a good time to get out. 

I think it's worth noting that while I would normally not love the idea of being sweaty, naked and with so much of me touching another wet and sweaty somebody could be a bit offputting, I felt very at home... And that's about all I remember. Now, if you don't mind, I have to get dressed and get to work. I've been typing for too long now.

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