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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I suppose the lack of silence can also be a theme

The dog here barks. A lot. Some years back it was bad enough that the neighbours complained and the poor thing had to wear a shock collar, which didn't work at all. Aunt A just yells at her in a fury, like it's going to help. It results in the dog not being quieter, she still barks because no one addresses the actual behaviour, both aunt A and uncle A just yell at her to make her stop. This is what I'd call "not very effective," and yes that's a reference to Pokémon. Now, when I quietly and calmly tell her "Shh" with a finger on my lips she'll quiet down. If after that she barks again I just call her, put my finger on my lips again and she stops. Why they think barking with her is any use is beyond me. Why they don't bloody look for proper ways to control the dog's barking is a mystery to me. It's not even that hard. The humane society will list first in their advice: don't yell at the dog. But they've been yelling at her for nine years and they think it works. As I made a quick pit stop in the kitchen and aunt A yelled furiously at her I pretended to make nothing of it. As if she knew I was judging her, aunt A told me they've had complaints from the neighbours and it could end up in court. Now I suspect that's a steaming pile of horseshit because it's the same story from before, which never amounted to anything because the one complaining neighbour left and they haven't mentioned any of the three letters aunt A says they've sent so far. So, it figures aunt A thought that lie somehow excused her behaviour. 

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