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Friday, 17 May 2013

Recurring themes

I had at least four dreams last night.

In one I was in a car, cramped with other people in it. One of them was Dr. House and he was treating an addict. For whatever reason, the addict he was treating was close to dying and the only way to save him then and there was to give him an injection of epinephrine, which would make him bolt up and break into a furiously violent rage. Dr. House risked it, asking me or someone else near the other back door to make way. The madman jumped out, breaking through the window, and started chasing the car trying to hurt us.

In another I was talking to some uppity bank people who showed me value trends for stock going all the way to the end of the year. In particular, they were showing me the trends for a particular bank SmTn had invested on (and apparently owned?). They wanted SmTn to sell as soon as possible because starting in June/July, the price would go down and stay down (and keep decreasing) well into the end of the year. At first I thought they were just trying to take advantage of him, knowing his stock was worth an awful lot more, but in the end I just wanted to warn him that he should sell it before July.

I remembered this in another dream where I told aunt LM about SmTn. We were in a classroom with Michael James (YouTube celebrity) and a girl who might have been his twin if such a thing existed. In my dream they were pale and looked like they bathed in glitter and this was a trend just like wearing orange fake tan is a trend. They teased aunt LM but tried very hard to stay friendly and nice about it. Aunt LM was being a tid bit nosy asking about SmTn and I was telling her somewhat begrudgingly. 

I seem to remember something, perhaps related to the above dream, with SmTn skiing in a small slope of snow. N1 and others from school1 were there. I remember they talked about SmTn and me and I needed to clarify that he had a girlfriend, who he lives with, and they had to stop it already. 

In the last dream I remember there was a board game of sorts. It had a map of Ctg and over it/next to it were sticks like the ones you'd use to play Jenga. People who were in school1 a long time ago (except all grown up) were playing. We each got two sticks and had to move them around one unit at a time, both together and parallel. Whenever you got stuck you lost and had to leave and let the others keep playing. There was also someone tossing a die and this led to a girl singing a typical song about women dancing the way flowers move, one for each city/region. 

It kept going between a few set colours, never mine. Until something came up, lily, and it was white and my road was white and I was supposed to move. We were doing something with canals or other water paths. I'm not sure what the goal was, but whichever came out the most beautiful won. When it was my turn again I had to do something with a canal I couldn't find on a map. So I looked it up online and it led to a beautiful scene with three dolphins jumping from the water at sunset. I was about to use this when the girl throwing the die said it could be a fake and there was no way things were actually that beautiful. Some research of hers showed the ecosystem there was actually corrupted and included lots of not-so-beautiful creatures. I was there, being pulled underwater where I tried to breathe slowly (so as to not waste the air supply, but oddly enough being able to breathe underwater... which I hadn't been able to do in a very long time, even in dreams). Little fish and other animals followed. Before the plunge I'd been asked if I wanted to take a break but I said I'd rather carry on and finish my move while I had the time to think about it, rather than hurry through it and possibly make a mistake. 

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