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Saturday, 11 May 2013

I don't think I'll send this.


How is everything going? Is [your city] showing any signs of summer coming? Over here, it seems, the city is slowly trying to break us into the scorching heat. Can't say I'm looking forward to it... 

You know how you talk about the weather when there is pretty much nothing else to talk about? Well, I still don't have an awful lot to tell you. I haven't even been able to arrange the bus riding adventure, which likely just won't be scheduled because it's already too hot out to walk for hours. So... I have nothing except old news and future plans. 

My sister is coming in June, so I have that to look forward to. We're already making arrangements to go on a trip in July and there are two concerts coming up in June which would be pretty exciting. Those last two would be more exciting if I had a job already (and a car) but that's proving particularly annoying.

My job news are still not really news. Haven't heard from the professor hiring me in about three weeks, maybe more. He said he'd sent some documents and references for me to read but never sent them. I've sent him two e-mails and haven't got an answer to either. I've so far managed to send a few job applications for clerical jobs I could take in summer, but I haven't heard back from any of those either. I don't even have final grades to submit to the admissions people so they know I've finished the last of the pre-requisite courses. *yawn* 

You know, just yesterday my parents asked about the summer school two years ago and, after I told them there's one this year I can't go to, whether or not another one would be held soon. Our talk of summer school lasted all of 4-5min, if that, and yet it was enough time to make me nostalgic. I don't know why it's weird (or if it's weird at all) but, even though I didn't say anything, they were so... understanding. They pointed out the importance of learning new things and being among intelligent people and how I can't leave maths behind. They told me I definitely had to go to the next one. If you ultimately decide to go this year, will you take pictures and promise to tell me about it? Even about how [crazy professor] drinks all the [beer brand] beer in town and carries women on his shoulder like sacks of potatoes?

Even though I can't go for all the right reasons (I'm supposed to work in summer, my sister is coming and there are plans in motion for her stay here, another friend might come for a few days, I'd rather be home for Christmas and New Year's) I can't help but feel it's somehow wrong that I can't go. I fear that if I'm stuck doing engineering for another two years trying to show up for summer school next time around will be pointless. *sigh*

But that's enough melancholy for one e-mail and I actually forgot to tell you about the saddest news of all in my last e-mail: the gay marriage bill sank tragically back home. One of the people invited to speak against it actually said gay sex alone was responsible for AIDS and anal cancer. One of the senators against it spoke for three times the allowed time (being longest-serving senator. he's been speaking lots-of-times-more-than-should-ever-be-allowed) said gay sex was scatological. Leave it to me, straight with no intentions of marrying, to be sad about such things but I can't help it. Like I said, saddest news of all. The others just aren't particularly cheerful (every day that goes by it seems less unlikely that the peace treaty will work out... also largely to blame on people who don't believe in love or forgiveness).

So much for old news. You probably heard about the bombings but you don't need me to tell you bad people exist in this world, that Americans are a paranoid bunch and that they love to pin it on foreigners, better yet if they're muslims. That's hardly news at all. What is news is that travelling in and out of the US will be even more of a nightmare. Never mind, that's hardly news.

As for what I've been doing lately and plan to do in the near future... I've done little other than stay in my room and use the times my aunt leaves the house to do some cleaning. This weekend we're celebrating mother's day. My cousin S is buying the groceries so I can make lunch. So... if you imagine the dog and cat are really mice under magic spells, I'm Belle playing the part of Cinderella.

Further into the future, beyond tomorrow, I don't have any solid plans. I don't have any gaseous or liquid plans either *ba dum tss* . I just, you know, don't really have plans beyond what I've not-so-briefly gone over. 

You're probably busy these days. I hope life over there is exciting. I reckon the greater part of the reason I wrote this e-mail is nostalgia brought spiked by inactivity. Anyway, any news from you would be lovely. 

Hope to talk to you soon,


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