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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Far from humane

I had the most horrible dream where people ate dogs and, worse, I was cutting some up to be eaten. Alive. I was just slicing them up as they lay down, front paws first, snout and head later. The cruelty of it all didn't strike me until I was about to start cutting into the snout and then the horror took over. I wondered if there wasn't a way to kill the dogs before cutting into them so it wasn't so bad. I wondered if there was another way to cut them, because cutting the snout into slices but then (read this... or maybe don't, I wouldn't) I remembered what it felt like to chew on these pieces with the bones in them. It was awful. And in spite of all this thinking, I had already cut quite a bit of meat and put it on a plate I intended to fill. Oh, and because it can be worse, I must have been cutting up puppies or other small dogs because they fit on a chopping board. It was somehow related to an Age of Empires game where I also had to instruct people to kill dogs to eat them, failure to do so ending in their deaths, and I just let them die because I couldn't bear the thought of them killing dogs. It was too much. I then exited the game without saving, not very willing to come back to it.

In another dream I was in university (the one I'm actually proud of) and buildings had been remodelled. This time a building where basketball was played (should it be a game or a match? I won't bother to look it up, hence the change in wording). 

I'm now remembering another dream from the night before last where I was in a very elegant hotel, in one of the top floors where they had a very fancy restaurant. And I was in my pyjamas. The oversized "dress" aunt A gave me.

Actually, there was a dream last night where I was wearing said dress and the top part fell over, leaving me temporarily topless.

Oh, but the horror of cutting up live dogs is just too much. 

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