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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Consistently inconsistent


All right, I've been quiet enough. But then things happen and I can't keep my fingers still (mouth shut, as you'd say if I were speaking). 

Most recent first. I settled myself in front of the living room telly to watch 3 idiots. Because it was Friday night  and I'd been vacuum cleaning, mopping and cleaning dust all morning (well into 2pm and then the dust cleaning in the afternoon while aunt A was out). I'd earned it (just like I excused the junk food binge with hard work and PMS). Aunt A arrived 1/3 of the way through the film and watched for about an hour (inevitably after trying to explain that Indians can't speak English properly and that's why the one Indian doctor she visited once closed his practice.... more on this later). When she called it a day and went to sleep I made a quick trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth and pee. Loud things that they are, I opted for not flushing the toilet, figuring I'd use it again later and I might as well save some water if I'm the only one who's going to use it until morning. Wrong. A while ago uncle A got up, left his room (which conveniently has a bathroom built into it) and went into mine/the guests'. He didn't close the door to pee, which was evidenced by the loud splashing sounds. I know there's a component of shame and guilt in not having flushed but I'm taking a moment to be horrified. Mostly because he didn't close the door. But also because I'm half-glad he didn't: he didn't wash his hands on the way out. When I couldn't keep watching the film and I got ready to call it a night too, even though I didn't need to go, I had to clean. With bleach. And alcohol. It was just bothering me. I even cleaned the door handles for good measure. *sigh*

To think that today, for the first time in a fairly long time, the house is moderately clean. No thanks to the woman who was supposed to come but didn't for whatever reasons. I'm actually quite glad I got to clean because I can actually clean. I can move the sofas and clean under tables, and push beds around to clean behind them. I can make sure the mop is clean before, during and after the mopping. I can vacuum the spaces between the sliding doors and get rid of unsightly millipedes (pest of the season, more on that later). I can mop twice, once with a cleaning agent and once with just water (both hot) so that the floors smell but also look clean (as opposed to just having a film of soap and whatever dirt was mixed into it). I was quite satisfied with myself. I don't know what took over aunt A when she decided to clean the kitchen drawers, pots, pans, silverware and kitchen utensils. All I know is that she tried to start something so I'd finish it and instead I helped her out with what she asked (but only that) moving on to the rest of the house (because there was no way I'd wait out a proper clean until next week). I clandestinely cleaned the rest of the fridge and half of the freezer (organising it and tossing far too old food while I was at it). I have yet to ask uncle A for permission to toss the old (8+ year-old), ancient (floppy discs) and broken appliances. If I can clear those out of my room (I at least managed to get aunt A's permission to toss an old broken ornament taking up a corner), I could then get on to maybe going over all the books on the shelves. It's not like aunt A will go over all her mysteries again. It's not like anyone will go over them, period, and though I reckon some are worth keeping many aren't. I am my mother's daughter, I suppose (that might have to wait until another post).

Goodness... I'm actually physically nauseated.

So... peculiarity of aunt A that bothers me: she thinks she's always right. She thinks any statement she makes is true and she can back it up with lies, as if it were enough to convince non-believers. Examples? I have plenty. Just from this week, though.

1) She picked up a millipede found by LC4 and got ready to flush it, though LC4 wanted to study it. LC4 pointed out flushing it wasn't very nice to the millipede. Aunt A justified her actions making up a lie about how dangerous the millipedes are. The kind we get here don't do much except look ugly, curl up in odd places and die, littering the house. No, they're not particularly dangerous. LC4 is quite right saying it's not nice to flush them and asking for an alternative (i.e. dropping them off in the yard/pool area, it's not like flushing them stops the ones outside from coming in). 

2) The only thoughts evoked by Indian people are those of how she can't understand their accent. Rather than boil it down to "she can't understand their accent" she makes it about how their accent is somehow wrong (like hers is so good). Case in point, she brings up the old story of the Indian doctor she visited once. She could not understand him, he could not understand her. I understand this is a bad doctor-patient predicament, easily gotten out of by changing doctors. Everything else beyond this point is unnecessary whining. Failing to see it could just be her comprehension (I happen to understand Indian accents well enough) she says it's a general problem of the whole population. That's why when the Indian doctor closed his practice she's so sure it must have been because no one else understood his accent and he had no patients. What does she know? Wouldn't you think there should be enough Indian people just about anywhere to keep a doctor in business? Wouldn't you think someone smart enough to get through med school could quickly pick up the new language?

3) This morning before starting to mop I stopped to clean the mop. This took a while and aunt A came in to ask if I was there, saying she heard noises. I explained I was washing the mop so I wouldn't transfer what dirt was on it to the floor as I cleaned it. She said she'd mopped earlier this week and obviously cleaned the mop. Except the water coming out of it was far from clear. It was dirty. Even if she washed it like she claimed, it wasn't clean. Perhaps aware of the fact that I had first-hand access to the mop and evidence of its not-cleanliness, she offered maybe it was the woman who comes to clean. She probably just rinsed it with water and left it alone. Except both she and I know this woman doesn't use the house mops (she brings her own, and to be honest I understand why: the ones here are a bother to work with). 

4) (fine it's from last week) Mascara. Mascara goes into your eyes, no surprise there. If you touched a Petri dish with your eyes (even just your lashes) and left it alone, I guarantee you wouldn't find it clean. It stands to reason that you shouldn't use your mascara for months on end until it goes bad, even if it's still "working for you" because it's just not hygienic. Recommended times are usually in the ballpark of 3 months. When I mentioned I could use a new mascara (i.e. the gift with purchase, sample-sized one aunt A offered) because I should change mine already she got into a fit. She started talking about how she pays good money for her make up to throw it away like that. That this thing about the 3 months is just a ruse used by corporations to make you buy more of their products. Except this is also true of cheap mascara because it has nothing to do with the mascara's formula and everything to do with putting bacteria from your eyes into a dark, humid environment, letting them multiply and putting them on your eyes again. She insisted that one saleswoman once told her it was fine to go on using mascara (she didn't specify for how long) and that one opinion somehow made the argument of hygiene invalid. Rather than say "My! Is that so? Then I should probably change my mascara more often!" she says "I've been doing it right all along! Why are you so wasteful?!" Rather than say "Oh, right. We can recycle dog/cat food cans." she says "Of course we don't! We'd get sued for making the garbage men cut themselves!" (Even though she was all for throwing perfectly good, just not useful-in-this-house, knives in the trash.)


For today the house is clean, and so is my bathroom. But I'm feeling a bit feverish and should probably get ready to sleep.

Soundtrack of the morning was Nur für dich. Just because, I suppose. 

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