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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Catching up, some dreams

These were my dreams Wednesday night. I forgot about the other dreams I had since, and remember little other than they were quite Freudian: I had dreams about getting good grades and having answered questions correctly in the final exams. 

Had a dream where I was not myself. I was a Japanese girl, in hiding. She was pretending to be someone else to sneak into a building where they had open doored bedrooms (not a brothel, though, I think) where she'd jump into an undone bed to sleep. I thought it unusual that she wore her hair down, frizz and all. This one time I Jumped into bed and another young woman came into the room with me. I don't know if she screamed but there was a sense of alarm when she declared there was a "little roach" on the bed. I got up at once and looked, finding a 5cm roach by my pillow, which is hardly my definition of "small." I asked how that huge roach was in any way small and it seemed to be a "lost in translation" problem, sort of. She said that if it had been a "regular" roach (apparently, those were of the GIANT kind) she would have called it just a roach but it wasn't. While we were worried (it is unclear to me now, but I think I was both these girls at different times) a cat came in. The cat hunted down the roach and killed it, leaving it in 5 or so wiggling pieces on the floor. The other girl picked them up with a pair of tweezers that belonged to me (after asking for my permission) and put it in a bag, ready to be disposed of. 

Now, the first girl  (me) was running away from some men and had an even number of things. More precisely pairs of things. And it's supposed to be telling that she'd drop one at a time from each pair, misplacing or letting fall a necklace here, a brightly coloured stick there. I seem to remember colourful beaded necklaces. I also seem to remember she wore mismatched socks. 

In another dream, keeping with the animé theme, I was following and hiding from a group of ninjas following a company that was walking through the forest/woods. There was a straight path with rows of trees on each side and behind the trees it was dark except for where the light shone through. I remember wanting to make sure I didn't lose sight of them but being afraid of being discovered. I went over the myth of black-clad ninjas in my head, ultimately agreeing with myself that black was the only way to hide in the shadows.

In another dream, this time The Mentalist themed, a set up for Red John (or someone similar) involved an old fallen tree trunk. In the dream, Red John and LaRoche had been old friends and Jane set everything up so LaRoche saw Red John's friends go down one by one, not understanding until a picture of Piglet and another character (Piglet was supposed to represent LaRoche). This picture was allegedly a memento of Red John's and revealed the truth of their relationship. It then became LaRoche's mission to kill Red John himself but someone else beat him to it. Red John had a big black dog and the detective killed him first. (It seems I have by now failed to mention an african american detective leading the case... how come there are no black detective heroes in television? Wait... is that what the other Criminal Minds show is supposed to be about?... Never mind, back to the dream) The detective killed the dog first, I mean, leaving him bleeding in the tree trunk. There it was found by LaRoche, who petted him before realising the poor thing was bleeding to death. Then and there the detective killed LaRoche too.

The last dream I remember involved the professor I'm not one bit fond of. He had made us sign an attendance sheet for a big, fancy lunch party being held in his honour a the university. I remember worrying about it not being free but having shown up only because I'd signed the sheet and wanted some free food (Yes, I realise I'm not making any sense). At another time in this dream I remember telling someone how I found him (the bad professor) to be a terrible professor and he overheard me. I was not ashamed. I teased him saying "are the grades ready yet?" and he seemed not to have taken it to heart. As long as I hadn't said he was a terrible person it seemed to be okay.

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