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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Callous, callous, callous!

Today after getting back from the gym I thought it would be a good idea to use the momentum to clean the fridge. That was not a very good idea. The reason why, if you must know, is because aunt A was here and it really is best that I clean and do things by myself when I'm completely by my self. Alone. Solo. It's not like I ever get credit for helping around the house, and I don't expect aunt A to notice or care much when things she normally doesn't bother with appear clean. The difference is there mostly for me. And that's fine, I can do work for no credit. But would you rather get no credit or get no credit, get orders for more chores that "need to be done" (but aunt A won't lift a finger to do... not even the one that dials a phone to call the woman who gets paid to work around the house) and get complaints about how you're doing everything wrong? 

I started working and immediately aunt A points out that the freezer also needs to be cleaned. Will she be cleaning it? No. Will she tell the woman who comes to clean to clean it? No. She tells me it needs to be cleaned. You know, as long as I'm already at it. Oh, and by the way, we have too many bananas et il faut faire un pain ou un gâteau. Il faut. Using the machine, of course, which I have no idea how to use so I point out I don't know how to use it and that's my half-reasonable excuse not to get stuck baking for someone so ungrateful. And yes, I get to say that because the woman who gets paid to clean never gets complaints from aunt A about how she doesn't clean the dust, and how she leaves everything in a pile when she's cleaning and she doesn't put things back in their place. Aunt A complains about her to me and about me to me, even though I'm doing her a service... for free... 

I put away a knife in "the wrong drawer" even though that knife is 80% of the time in that drawer and I only put it away half of the time. I don't even use that bloody knife! I'm using the wrong sponge because I'm using the one that's used for the plates. Why is it the wrong one, if the fridge isn't dirty with anything that's not going on the plates anyway? Because it will get used up too quickly if I use it to clean the fridge. Are you fucking kidding me? Oh, and here's a sponge I can use. Did I notice it? Why am I not using it?

Because I've had about enough and would rather leave half the fridge dirty, go shower and come write about how angry this all makes me than stay there cleaning waiting for the next callous observation. Because fuck it. I can clean when I'm alone and I don't have to put up with this shit. Because I'm staying fucking quiet but I don't have to both stay quiet and go on working. And yes, I'm not eating just yet even though it's 3:20pm and I didn't even have a very large breakfast because if I risk going into the kitchen to cook myself something, anything, I'm sure aunt A will find something else I'm doing wrong and fuck that shit.  I'm not even fucking hungry. I'm angry. I'll go watch Elementary now, if you don't mind, and get everything set to watch 3 idiots for the umpteenth time because it makes me happy and it's about the only thing these days that has that effect on me.

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