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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Before I fall behind or completely omit them

Had a few dreams last night. I'm quickly forgetting them. The most vivid one is one where my parents, my sister and I lived in a small 4 story house. It had a French air about it and seemed to be quite old. We'd only just recently moved in. Each of the floors was quite small, the furniture didn't all seem to be ours (I don't think any of it was, actually), and there was a tight, off white, spiral staircase going through the house. My sister's room was supposed to be in the third floor and mine in the last. For some reason she had to stay in my room. I just remember being furious with her. It started with something silly, we were trying to follow a loose thread on a sweater. I don't know why, but we both reached for the thread, including myself though I was somehow blinded at the time. I got mad at her because she reached for the thread though I was getting it. Another reason I got angry had something to do with a dress I meant to wear to some occasion or other. Last I remember of that dream is running to the bathroom to brush my teeth as a way to let off steam. 

In another dream there was some kind of natural disaster or emergency and a lot of people went everywhere looking for safety. I just remember being in a small group of teenagers, with a girl and two boys. That's about all I remember from that one.

Then there was another dream, a medieval themed one where there was a large gathering celebrating something and the culminating piece was to be a special set of fireworks prepared by some man (who was not as old as Gandalf for it to make sense to make a parallel). The final firework was a huge face (that of a joker, I think). Once, it worked perfectly and just came above our heads before sparking off, but the second time (maybe far apart from the first, by at least a year) it landed on the ground before sparking off and I worried that the people in the crowd would get burned, but they didn't. 

In yet another dream, even more evidently TLOTR inspired than the last, there were armies ready for battle in a dark forest, close enough to a source of water/river/bog. Galadriel was there, or perhaps a similar stronger entity. One of the armies captains had angered her. I no longer remember much of what went on there, but I know he'd somehow defied her. 

[morning after edit:]
Oh, oh! I forgot the dream from the night before this! I can't make any sense of it now, and I don't think I could either when I remembered it better. All I remember now is that there was a small circular stage, some 2.5m high, in an open space with a high ceiling. It was day out, but not overly bright, and the lighting under the roof felt warm-toned. On the stage was Aamir Khan. Dancing. It was meant to be artistic (as opposed to erotic, it's not like I wouldn't tell you) and at some point he was actually naked. Very bizarre. 

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