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Sunday, 5 May 2013

And so anger breaks the silence

*Nazgûl shriek*

I wrote down my dreams from Wednesday night on my notebook on the way to university. Didn't feel like writing them down here because I still didn't feel like writing. I'm writing now out of necessity, because I've no one else to vent. (Really I've no one to vent, but myself, which is really just no one at all).

Case in point, cousin S suggested we go to a play tonight. Sure, nice enough idea. Aunt A wanted to pay for the tickets, so she asked me for help navigating the intricacies of online shopping for tickets with a credit card. I selected the number of seats in the desired price range and clicked next, which led me to a menu asking to open a new account. We called cousin S to double check if he hadn't better buy the tickets himself but decided it was best to open aunt A an account so I kept clicking next until the tickets were bought. Problem? The website never offered to let me choose the seats. Or, more precisely, it chose the seats automatically for me ("best available seats"? you're kidding, right?) and never bothered showing me where the seats were because I should have clicked on "Choose your seats" somewhere where I chose the number of tickets and I didn't notice it until the transaction was done and it told me what seats had been chosen for me. Cousin S was quite nice on the phone telling me it was okay. When I hung up on the phone with cousin S aunt A just couldn't hold herself back and said "You know you're always in a hurry. That's why you didn't see the link to choose the seats." I responded with the only words that came to mind and didn't listen to the split second warning that said "you know better." 

 - Fine, it's my fault we got bad tickets.

 - Don't get mad at me! I'm just saying, I hate it when you get mad at me.

Mother. Fucker. Why the fuck did you say that in the first place if not to imply it was all my fault? That was a remarkably callous observation! It just pisses me off when she decidedly makes poisonous comments and then acts hurt when I can't help but react to them. What the fuck did she want me to say? 

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