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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Your kindness is surely to be repaid

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Sounds like the sort of thing I can't exactly look forward to, though. For one, that "surely" sounds less certain than I'd like it to and also... well, something tells me this is an "in the long run" sort of statement. So I really can't look forward to anything related to it.

A brief moment of excitement to celebrate legalised gay love in the cliché love country of the world (France, that is). I would take up a few paragraphs to rant about the fact that one of the twins "liked" a facebook group fighting against marriage equality back home and how sick to the stomach it makes me feel. They openly say "NO! WE DON'T BELIEVE IN EQUALITY!" the same way you'd say "EVEN A CAVEMAN WOULD BE MORE REASONABLE ABOUT THIS! GRRRRR!" (Before you try to argue with me on this, yes a caveman would be more reasonable because a caveman wouldn't care if gay people wanted to marry.) What do they care?! If you didn't like pickles and others did, would you go on a crusade to make sure no one ate a pickle ever? If you don't like people of your same sex, don't date them! Don't marry them! What's it to you if they want to marry and have the same rights you have? Oh, you think that if they're allowed to marry then they're allowed to adopt children and that's what's completely wrong. How the fuck is it wrong? What is the matter with you? Good people make good parents, regardless of who they love or like to sleep with. 

Allowing gay people to also be parents opens the door to making a lot of children happier than they ever will be as "part of the system." Don't come at me with ridiculous statements about bogus relationships between paedophilia and homosexuality, don't tell me about the outrageous claims of HIV and anal cancer (because, seriously, what the fuck?), and stop worrying that the children will turn gay. Children are not turned gay by their parents, nor are they turned straight either. It certainly doesn't matter who your genetic maker loves in terms of who you'll love. What matters is that you get a glimpse at what nice, loving people look like when they take care of you. Should the child adopted by a gay couple chance to be gay, then so fucking what? Is that a bad thing? That's the underlying statement! To you people being gay is inherently wrong and it's an ill that has to be cured in society. But who you love doesn't change who you are and I can't believe you still haven't realised this.

Because I'm not quite done ranting (I'm just done ranting about that stupid group) I'd like to add aunt A's reprimand of the day. You know how she makes me take whatever pills she has leftover, some samples her doctor gave her and she never intended to use? Well, they're samples and as such they just so happen to come with coupons. Mind you, aunt A very rarely, if ever, uses coupons. She says she forgets. If it were so important I'm sure I wouldn't. She's not the one buying these pills. I'm the one who takes them and needs them. It just might be the case I won't want anything to do with these pills when they run out. If I did, though, there are still plenty of samples left, and plenty of coupons left. I'm sure  you can't put them together to buy a single bottle, so I really don't see how it matters that I've thrown away the coupons that came with the pills I took. There are more left. There's a good chance we won't even use the coupons because they expire in June and it's almost May already. Why must she bicker over the littlest things? Why is she always looking for a reason to be mad? I said nothing, not even to mum, about how aunt A didn't pick up the phone at all this afternoon and I ended up walking for 45min (on a quite hot day) to get here. She was hardly sorry at all and only said "Oh, I  must have left the phone on 'silent' mode..." I can keep calm and carry on. Why can't she? Why?

All right. Now, that I'm done ranting... I wonder, what's up with AOB and SmTn? I've been trying to talk to AOB but all I get is an odd message here and there. Even when I know he's around (because he's justanswered) I'll write again hoping to get a conversation started and he'll stay silent for days. As for SmTn... I don't want to write. I'll feel needy and insistent. He said he'd write. It's just... it's been at least two weeks since we last talked, and it's been a month since he last wrote. It's been a while and I miss him.

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