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Monday, 22 April 2013

Torture, but it's a love story

So maybe the "love story" aspect of it isn't such a big deal, I'm starting to think all Bollywood films feature a love story as a minimum requirement. I'm watching Raja Hindustani. Because... I don't know, it stars Aamir Khan (no surprise there), and... I ... can? I should probably be reading a document to help cousin S's friend with maths, or I could be studying, or... I don't know, I could be useful.

While I have to turn away from the embarrassing moments in Raja Hindustani, I thought I'd have another fortune cookie (there were 3 more than the one I first had). I must say... the controversial kiss is well acted (some of the best acting in the whole film, I'm afraid, because the rest of it's terrible) but hardly controversial. It, er... well, it certainly reminded me of kissing LesMisGuy. Minus the meaning behind it all, of course. I'm disappointed in the storyline, though. I appreciate how genuinely taxi-driver Raja is but it rubs me the wrong way. It just does... Moreover, (why did I almost time "overmore"?) the storyline moves so slowly! And so embarrassingly... Oh dear... Why can't I stop watching?

Oh, I know. I'm curious to know just how bad it is. It has to be one of the worst films I've ever seen. Worse than Kauas Pilver Karkaavat by a long shot. This is just awful. Every coming minute worse than the one before it. I don't know how much worse it can be before it ends and there are only 10 or so minutes left. Really, how much worse? I don't suppose it matters much. I think it's official: this one takes the cake. It's the single worst film I've ever sat through. Bollywood, I am disappoint.

Mr. Aamir Khan, sir, I forgive you. Your acting was spot on, the part was just a terrible one in an awful film.

Oh, the fortune cookie! It reads: "Advancement will come with hard work." Lucky numbers 4, 15, 19, 35, 36, 27.

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