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Friday, 26 April 2013

Spiders can't type

SmTn wrote an e-mail. It arrived around 5am this morning. So there: he wrote like he said he would. And it was a long e-mail too... It even included maths! But it was somehow anticlimactic. The suggestion on the right that I include another facebook account of his (the one attached to another e-mail address) bothered me a bit. SmTn, my honey? Something's off... And it's not just the additional facebook profile I can see nothing but the name of, it's not just the "I'll be gone for a while, but let's make a date to talk :)" at the end of his e-mail. I wonder if it's how long we've gone without talking but it shouldn't be an issue because we've gone longer without talking and nothing felt off like it does now. I wonder if it's... I don't know what it is. *sigh* Maybe it's nothing and it will all be all right in a while. Maybe my spidey senses are wrong. We'll see.

There are things I'd like to tell SmTn. I want to tell him I can now lift 75kg on the leg press machine and have graduated to full push-ups from the girl ones I was doing before. I want to tell him I'm sad because the gay marriage bill sank in idiocy. I want to tell him I've discovered Bollywood and fallen in celebrity love with Aamir Khan. I want to tell him I might need some help if he has anything to teach me about mathematical models. And yet... though I would have been only too eager to write those things a couple of days ago I'm not quite in the mood today. Maybe I'll get back to him in a few days. 

 I found it! The song stuck in my head is not from Raja Hindustani, it's from Lagaan: "Mitwa."

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