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Monday, 1 April 2013

Scary, unexpected effect

I watched The Sound of Music last night, which kept me up until about 2am (not a very nice idea considering I set my alarm to 8:25). I found a few things I didn't quite remember from watching it before: I understood new jokes ("lemonade laced with... lemonade") and noticed new details. I had time to be a little insulted by the whole "I am sixteen going on seventeen" discourse because, what's that about needing a man (especially at sixteen) to tell you what to do? Wouldn't that be a wretched relationship? I realise they doomed that relationship the moment Rolfe blew the whistle on them, which may or may not have something to do with cancelling out that song in the beginning... I appreciated Maria's independence and her outspoken nature. Then again, it seems to me Julie Andrews often goes for such roles, so I suppose it's her I adore. 

It seems (after reading about it on Wikipedia) that there was such a thing as a real von Trapp family and a real life Maria. In real life, she actually wanted to be a nun and stayed for the children, not because she'd fallen in love with the Captain. It makes the whole thing a bit sinister, if you ask me. Not that the film adaptation is that much better: though I appreciated the grey moral scale applied to the Baroness, I thought the whole falling in love process was a bit too quick and a little awkward. I, er... well, I saw their first kiss and how the Captain led Maria by the chin into a kiss and how Maria wanted to speak and I... inevitably remembered kissing LesMisGuy. I won't go into that at this point. This is not what I started writing a post for.

At any rate, let me write down the dream I had last night that haunts me. I had a dream where BCN left me in charge of LC5. I was supposed to babysit her, which included bringing her with me to a gym or other place where I had some kind of dancing lesson. They warned  me, though, that LC5 had a stalker. That's right: an evil man was after her and I was to do my best to keep him away. It dawned on me that it was a huge responsibility to suddenly place on me. Going about my day I pinpointed the man who I thought was after her: shady looking, a bit too thin, kind of tan and a bit too similar to uncle Max.

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