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Monday, 1 April 2013

Ranting about fears (sorry if it doesn't quite make sense)

Minor rant: aunt A seems to have caught a cold. I had a cold last week and it made me even more tired than usual, but it wasn't particularly bad. I don't usually get bad colds. She may have caught it from me. She may have caught it from someone else or may not have caught it at all. Why do I hesitate? Because she says she has a fever at a whopping 36.7ºC. I confess I was lazy and did not feel like helping with the dishes tonight. It was just the usual, except aunt A was still cooking. I only used a single dish and a glass. I washed my glass when they were both in their room. Aunt A is now sleeping in front of the telly with a wet handkerchief on her forehead. I want to say "It's not a fever! It's the bloody thermostat you adjusted at a too-warm temperature! What's actually wrong with you is a debilitating hypochondria and a crippling pessimism not at all aided by an undiagnosed depression paired by paranoia." I know I sound horrible, but let me point out that when I knew I had a cold aunt A dismissed it as a constant allergy. Nonsense! I know when I have a cold, I know my body at least that well.

I would also rant about uncle A and the condescending way he tried to explain a crackling sound in an old radio as "the power company's fault." I am still doubtful. For one, the term he used to explain the phenomenon does not seem to have very solid support on the internet explaining what it is, leave alone explaining it the way he did. I really don't think that a wobbly voltage source is the sort of thing that would go on for weeks without the power company noticing. I don't think it's reasonable to assume that it has anything to do with higher energy consumption by our neighbours in spring/summer because I was here last summer and there was no sound of the sort, not to mention no one seems to have noticed such a crackle before. I wouldn't know, but I dare say it's a bad contact. Whether it's just near the radio or somewhere else I couldn't say, but shit will soon go down if it fucks up the electronic devices and goes unchecked because "it's the power company's fault." 

On other news, I'm supposed to wake up early tomorrow (read: In 7 hours) to try and meet with the first professor I could work with (but really don't want to). Answering late, he said I should drop by tomorrow whenever I have the time but I'll be in class from 11-3:15 and at 3:30 I'll have other errands to run. This is all without knowing if I'll try to stay late for tango practice and without having told aunt A that I need to leave early. 

In not-at-all-news, a man who asked me for spare change today told me to "stay pretty" (or was it beautiful? does it even matter?). Aunt A's friends on Sunday were nosy and impertinent asking if I'd left behind a boyfriend and telling me I must have quite the line of suitors here. Not so. I'd write more but I don't know what to write. You can probably imagine my opinion on the subject. I will jump to the conclusion: I feel like Christian (baron de Neuvillette). 

PS: I finished reading the play in French today. During class. I was a bit tempted to cry in the end. I love that play.

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