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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

It's not that I have no shame

In fact I am so ashamed I can't stand myself. Want to know why? I misunderstood a professor telling us to come to his office if something was wrong with our exam grades. Nothing was wrong with mine beyond my stupidity but since all I heard was "come to my office, there's something not quite right about the grades" I went there anyway. On my way there I saw Pf1 and attempted to hide from him, as if he hadn't noticed me (he had), going into the next corridor I could find. After my errand was done, I actually hid in a bathroom for a good 5-10min, as if that would somehow ensure I didn't run into Pf1 again. The damage was already done! I didn't answer his e-mail until today at 6:30pm or so after asking for cousin S's help (again). When we initially got here the power was actually out so it was lucky I got to send anything in the first place... I already feel miserable about it and don't want to hear back from him. Or from Pf2, for that matter. Or anyone at all!!*

*Except SmTn, of course. 

Adding to the no shame component, I watched 3 idiots again in celebration of the fact that I thought I had a final exam tomorrow and I actually don't. Because, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm an idiot.

And yes, there's a little irony in my choice of film.

[day after edit, 2:13pm]
Pf1 wrote back. I've known since 11:30am, I just haven't had the heart to open his e-mail.

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