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Thursday, 18 April 2013

It would usually make me smile

Primo: why is it that these sits are always taken by religious fanatics? I sat in the air conditioning but wasn't near an output, so I changed seats. First time I sat in these seats some time ago a man warned me that others were headed here and the seats were pretty much taken. I sat anyway and minded my own business while they arrived and then left. This time it's just the two folks in front of me. And one of them, a guy, is clapping at the young woman he seems to have taken as an apprentice... oh dear...

Secundo: LGBTQ-and-what-have-you. 

I normally smile when I see the rainbow flag. The pride of fabulousness makes my heart happy. I'm overjoyed by the news of now legalised same-sex marriages in New Zealand and France. I was a bit more optimistic about how the debate would go back home but it's now looking bad in all the wrong ways. Even though they pulled him down and he was a joke not everyone would understand, a man spoke against gay marriage blaming homosexuality for anal cancer and AIDS. Another joke no one's laughing at is the old hag haunting the debate and everything she stands up for. It just saddens me. I want to be happy that they still have fiscal rights but it's so wrong for them to be considered second class humans like that... 

Which brings me to my second point. The rainbow flag usually makes me smile. Usually. I've been tempted (but afraid) to approach it before and offer to help the university group. I just can't think of what to say ("Hi, I'm straight but in love with fabulousness... would you be my friends?" wouldn't really cut it, would it?). Today I was tempted to give them a piece of my mind for some horribly misdirected campaign they had going on today. They set up a board and they sprayed over it with red paint "HATE WALL" on both sides. There were graffitied words all over it: "pig," "slut," "fag"... And the rainbow flag right next to it! A boy and a girl were offering passersby markers and asking if we'd like to contribute to the wall and raise awareness of bullying. I'm sorry. You want people to write horrible things on a wall of hate and that's supposed to somehow help who? Just reading the words made my heart sink and my stomach churn. I don't know who wrote those words. I don't really care. I know they are hurtful, misused and misguided when aimed at 99.99% of the population and I don't see how inviting people to use them somehow helps fight bullying. It's just all so wrong, you know? I want to be your friend and help you guys out and support your causes and fight bullying... but it won't be writing horrible things or inviting others to do so. 

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