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Monday, 22 April 2013

I'm tired (is that ever unusual?)

I had a dream this morning where I had students and one or more of them had grown crushes on me. One of them had sent me a strange bouquet of spray painted flowers in bright fluorescent colours and colourful birds' feathers. I remember cutting them, trying to arrange them into a vase... I remember the old man saying one of them had called repeatedly. 

I remember D being in another dream and touching me, trying to recreate what LesMisGuy did, and it just not working. Even when I told him what to do it just didn't feel right. Frustrating for him, kind of annoying for me, as I didn't really want him touching me but we were already "there." 

In another part of a dream lots of girls, including a girl I'm in class with right now, CtThumbe and N1, were here in the general dining room/kitchen area. I was trying to make sure they all had something they liked to eat. 

In another dream there was a train where people waited in line to buy soft drinks. 

In another dream there was a car crash and a somewhat odd team of policemen: a woman in the department knew the streets and everything traffic-related going on in them but no one seemed to trust her or want her help, even though they were impressed by the fact that she was able to move around much more effectively than anyone else. She was eager to to some field work, if they'd let her. 

In yet another dream I remember I was preparing gifts. One of them was a watch in a wooden box for a friend of my sister's (blue hair). I'd left it alone for a bit while I prepared other gifts and when I got back to it I found my sister and her friends had started to help me pack, except it didn't look very nice. They'd covered the wooden box with styrofoam pieces held together with glue and pins. But the styrofoam pieces were not smooth or even, they actually looked old and worn and were falling apart a bit. A piece was missing on the side. I didn't want to ruin their work, on the one hand because it looked so laborious and on the other because they'd hammered the pins to the wooden box on the back and removing everything would have just uncovered the damage to the box. I just remember thinking it wouldn't look very nice when I tried to wrap paper around that uneven shape.

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