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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

If you were to ask me

Well, I would be tempted but I probably wouldn't say it. I already passed on the chance twice and and aunt LM and K are the only ones who'll ask me how I'm doing today and I already said "good." True answer? After 4:30pm today when I found out the bill proposing the legalisation of gay marriage was shot down by the cavemen in congress, I'm sad. Genuinely sad. Makes-me-want-to-cry-and-I'm-not-even-kidding sad. True story: I actually almost started crying on the bus back. That's how serious I am.

I had time to think. I ask cavemen why on Earth they care so much to go out of their way to veto other people's rights and it's only fair that I ask why I care if I don't even believe in marriage for myself. And the answer is Voltairesque: I will defend to the death the right of others to do even the things I don't personally believe in. This will always be true as long as you're not actually preventing others from doing what they want (which is why I stand my ground thinking it's them cavemen who are on the wrong side of this argument). I believe in love and I believe that marriage is an important milestone for a lot of people. I believe that if I can love a man then no one's to say another man can't. I could marry if I wanted to, and I want it to be a matter of choice (not possibility) for everyone else because it's only fair.

Just realised "Are you content?" just posted on Facebook "A mistake was made today. Hopefully it will be fixed in the near future." with a YouTube video. It's a short film (20min long) of what bullying to suicide would look like if hetero was queer and homo were the norm.  It made me cry a little. 

I believe the only highlight of my day will be the fact that the cute guy who plays 1940s music was one of the bus drivers today. He has a lovely smile.

Soundtrack of the day, starting the moment I got on the bus back? "Simple and Clean."

[next midnight edit] it's actually remixed with "Something Got Me Started," the chorus. 

(Waaaaait for iiiiit...)

For some odd reason, yesterday I briefly got stuck with "Contigo."Which reminded me of EBF... but let's not go there.

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