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Thursday, 25 April 2013

I thought I had more to write... turns out I didn't

I suppose I'll think of a title along the way. This first few sentences make no sense to you, reader, because you are in the future where I have already chosen a title for this post. But I haven't yet and I'm not even entirely sure how to go about writing this.

Let's see... there's a couple of film reviews pending. Mangal Pandey from last night and Lagaan from just now. I don't need to tell you who stars in both and is still irresistible. The former was good but not brilliant. It was respectable but not very impressive (especially once you get used to his acting). The latter, however, made a very exciting sports drama (I'm not sure if that's the proper genre but I won't look it up just now). Much more so than  Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. I have only one complaint, one I shouldn't be allowed to make: does he star in all the films he's in? I shouldn't ask because I've specifically chosen films he's in and he's a superstar so it figures he'd be the lead in all of them (except, perhaps, Dil Chahta Hai but... wait. I had to look up the title and it turns out these two films came out in the same year... he does not cease to amaze and impress me...[or should that be ampress me?]) Anyway, as much as I love seeing him (especially up close because... those eyes... those eyes!) it becomes a bit cliché seeing him play hero all the time. 

Speaking of clichés, can we turn to the subject of stereotyping, especially of the blatantly ignorant discriminating type? Aunt A made a remark about an event in the news. They love to make the bad guy a foreigner and aunt A mentioned something she'd mentioned several times already about a time (goodness knows how long ago) when a lot of women from Russia (she says, I'm sure it could be any former USSR country) arrived and ended up sacked for stealing. She seemed to read my mind and collected herself saying "not that I'm saying all Russian women are like this, but almost all of the ones that came to work with me were thieves." I left it alone because she seemed to listen to herself for once. And yet this morning when pest control came to make the rounds she started the conversation. It was as if she needed to make her "clever" remark and necessitated an audience. I have no doubts she set it all up to sound smart in her ignorance. And then it hit me: such stupid prejudices prevail because the people who hold them think it's smart as long as they're part of a majority. If they were a minority they'd find some shame in it and keep quiet. You don't see a lot of people saying black people can't vote, do you? Well... here's hoping that the next generations soon outnumber the archaic ones so reason becomes a majority. 

Today's soundtrack included "Postcards from Italy."

I spoke with Ck. Turns out the job offer just might be as good as Pf2 said. She was very nice and we talked quite a bit. I'm afraid of having to help her because I could be completely unable to. I'll use the excuse to study maths any time, though. Whenever I'm not lost in Bollywood, that is.

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