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Monday, 8 April 2013

Friends, videogames and a complex

I had a dream last night where I sat on a table with SmTn and girlfriend (and others, presumably). In the dream I remembered the girlfriend from my dreams and found it odd to see her as I did: older, not quite so pretty, not quite as bubbly (as, say, in the engagement dream). Come to think of it, with the short (ear length) hair and matronly attitude... it might as well have been SmTn's mother.

In another dream Chandler and Rachel (from Friends) were together and I can't remember if I was one, the other or neither.

There's yet another dream... well, I can't quite find the backstory for this one. I know I had to get places, one of them a bus. I know I ended up in a Disney-like (just as pretty, just as fake) place designed for a princess to come out of (a balcony that led to vehicles you could get on). It was near the sea and I had to get to a bar and grill restaurant. Before that there was a bit where I got together with some guys (from school? university? I couldn't say). I went to the house of one of them, not expecting to find a lot of other people there. They had gathered to play videogames and looked like your stereotypical 80s-90s nerd.

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