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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fine, I'll write the post

Had a few dreams I sort of wanted to write down and then was too lazy to. One of them involved uncle A wanting to marry me. Creeeeeepyyyyy. There was at least one more dream I half remembered but now it turns out I don't remember anything more.

The whole reason I started this post is that, out of the blue, EBF asked if he can come and stay here in June. Uh. fucking. huh.

[6:26pm edit]
Would have been 1:25pm but we left to meet BCM and family for lunch, so...

I worried that facebook knows and facebook told him: I read. I read his message and went without answering for how long now? The obvious thing to say is "when are you coming?" so, as soon as I'm done writing this, I had better ask just that, hadn't I?

[day after edit, 1:00pm]
Mother. Fucker. EBF answered this morning, he wouldn't have to stay in a couch. He has no definite plans. After asking how everything is going, he pushes the fucking con. He tells me N2 is in on it. Would mum be interested? I said "still a no" and almost followed with a ", sorry" but I'm not sorry. Fuck him with a thousand dicks, like they say. Fuck him. NO. Don't try to schedule a fucking appointment to see if she'd be interested. You will not. fucking. scam. my. mum. 

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