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Monday, 15 April 2013

Competititve sliding

Had a dream about SmTn. He travelled to see me (except I wasn't here). We were someplace filled with my fellow maths students. I remember CtW and NtP among them. There were swimming pools and water slides. I was in my underwear and had nothing but a pair of knickers with a hole in them (which I was anxious to change for another pair), a bra, and an old grey t-shirt. At least part of the water was actually a river in the mountains, as I remember being on a sort of boat with SmTn. It was near a small town and when it was almost completely silent you could hear a man selling something to the top of his voice. I liked the calm and quiet part, but SmTn wanted some speed and excitement, so we moved full speed ahead after that. This part of the river had very tall, steep mountain walls around it, so it was quite isolated. I'm not sure if this river is the one that led to a water slide, but there was a water slide where at the bottom a machine registered your speed and the time it took you to get down, giving you stars for your progress. SmTn wanted to get at least a star but you had to get down in 16s or less. I remember doing the math in my head: you can't move much faster if you lean forward, let gravity do its work trying not to sway too much along the way. I realise now that weight might hold you back significantly, friction being non-negligible and proportional to the normal force and all.  

At a given point, when I was in my underwear, we were on a rooftop with plenty of swimming pools. When I made up my mind to finally change, I went into a room where CtW rested and NtP took a nap. NtP woke up just as I was done changing. I met SmTn outside again. My aunt LM had called and we had wanted to meet but couldn't quite arrange for it. I ended up forgetting to call her to let her know when she could come and then there was just no time. N1 was there too, because I remember her talking to SmTn and calling him by the wrong name, swapping the third letter in his name. She teased him. He was a good sport about the whole thing but I could tell he was waiting for some alone time with me. By the time it came it was almost time for him to go. Nothing happened.

I did get time to talk to aunt LM and tell her to expect the package with Yep2's birthday present. She told me it had already arrived (I sent it on Friday, she said it had arrived on Monday, i.e. today). I was impressed.

[9:18pm edit]

I spoke with aunt LM on the phone. The package did, indeed arrive today. 

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