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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"Cheap" is often just another way for "more expensive than you'd think"


K is right when he asks how soon I plan to move out. I can't help but feel that what I told him is still too true: if staying here means my sister won't ever have to put up with the shit I have to put up with, that much better. Free tuition? Free housing? Free? Not at all! Not when you are stuck living with family. The latest edition of trouble chez les A comes in the form of BCM's husband's work around the house. No one can deny he did really well except for one point: he didn't talk about a quote with uncle A and is now charging 4 times as much as the last person who ever did anything around the house. Mind you, this other person worked pretty much alone, if anything at all with a young man who probably wasn't paid much, and did shoddy work that needed to be repaired otherwise. BCM's husband probably went a little overboard doing more than was absolutely necessary going for a wow factor but didn't count on uncle A's stinginess/conspiracy theories about how everyone's out to steal his money. The end result? Aunt A crying on the phone talking to cousin S (and anyone who will listen) about the damned tragedy this all is. And me going a little hungry because I don't dare venture into the kitchen until the coast is clear, but we can overlook that, in the greater scheme of things. Message of the day being that "cheap" is a relative term and does not mean the same thing to everyone.

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