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Friday, 5 April 2013

As if I were making up for the dreams I didn't have

I had several dreams last night, some of them nested.

I know some were nested because I remember being at a reunion with my parents and A's and telling about the dream, with mum trying to find great meaning in them. I didn't want her to. The dream she wanted to find meaning in involved fictitious members of A's family, cousins of hers. Someone looked like the tall awkward guy from Whose line is it anyway? except he had darker hair. This man had been in some sort of festival in my dream, which coincided with him being in one in  "real life" (the second dream). 

In one of the dreams, a girl confronted a grown man reciting what sounded like a confession of him having abused the girl's sister. 

In another dream the old man confessed that when he was little he formed teams with girls because they'd call him by name rather than call him fat.

In yet another dream I was with LesMisGuy. There were other people (most likely from university and school, friends of his), but we got some time relatively alone. He had what I can only describe as branches from plants like rosemary, except the leaves were tightly shut on one of the branches, coming out of his head (like hair, perhaps?). He told me (or perhaps told someone else in confession in such a way that I was able to hear) that for three years until now he had been silent. That he had not said a word. This was somehow related to the unopen branch, which I gently opened as I wrapped my arms around him. Silly as it sounds, this silence of his, and the unopened branch, seemed to indicate some sort of virginity he was ashamed of but had now lost. I want to believe it had something to do with me but I think there must be more reasonable explanations.

There was also a dream with aunt MT where others and I joined her at the shop around Halloween (I could tell because of the colours on the showcase, except she oddly enough had women's clothes too). I'm not sure if this was connected to a dream where I was in a shop (this time one that included groceries) with A's mum and others, packing gifts ordered by a rich relative of A's. 

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