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Sunday, 21 April 2013

24, 4, 42, 44, 46, 16

 There's a good chance of a romantic encounter soon.

Rational me thought "Sure, 'good chance'... means it won't happen in this particular universe, just in lots of the others" but I'm superstitious, so I kept the fortune cookie message and I kept it to myself when aunt A asked what was in it (in case you couldn't guess, we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant). Because it somehow feels like I'll jinx it, even though 99% of me knows it's meaningless nonsense. 

Also, isn't it odd (or, shall I say "doubly-even"? *ba-dum-tss*) all but one of my lucky numbers had a 4, and the one that "doesn't" is actually a product of 4. (Blast you people at Dell! Why can't I type Alt codes on my shiny new laptop?)

Nope, can't get the song out of my head. (Why does it feel like it's meaningful to point out that the version of the song playing in the background of my thoughts is the one that plays at the end? Pa-ra-ba ram-pam-pam-pam pEh-ra, pa-ra-ba pam-pam-pam pa-ra) Zoobi doobi indeed, darling heart. That's how it used to go. It's been a while. No amount of singing and listening to that song on loop will make anything happen, I'm afraid. 

Could we move on? Or at least study a bit as if it were important?

Rogue thought: "What are films for if not to pretend, for however brief a period of time, that scenes from our lives belong in one and hope for properly written plot twists and endings?"

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