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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Why, yes

I have a test in an hour and a half. A test I sort-of studied for on Sunday and Monday thinking it would be on Monday but turned out not to be on Monday (procrastination paid off for the first time ever, or not). And I am writing a blog post rather than trying to cram some more useful information in. 

I had lunch with K today. Allow me to elaborate. I asked K out for lunch. Still not quite enough... Last Friday I gave in and texted him while I was cooking something that would involve me standing in front of a pot for hours, stirring. He eventually stopped answering and I didn't push it. I talked to him again yesterday on facebook because I weighed the pros and cons and figured that if I don't like him all that much to begin with and yet he seems to respond when I talk to him, I didn't have a lot to lose. So far, so good. I asked him out for lunch and we met for lunch. I botched today's statics quiz because I'd told K I'd meet him at 1:30 and at that time I was still taking the quiz and not getting reasonable answers. Even though I can't really afford to drop the ball like that in statics because I need good grades. Just like I do in today's class and I'm not studying either.

How did lunch go? The agreed meeting place was too full, so we switched it to a place that sells sandwiches. With my hair loose, a breeze, and a sandwich falling apart in my hands I didn't have a lot going for me. Oh, and I also forgot to pick up napkins, silly me. I looked anything but glamorous with half a sandwich on the piece of paper in front of me, bread crumbs in my hair (and possibly around my mouth, which I didn't dare lick too much) and dirty hands. The conversation was a bit stuck in the sense that it was divided into short snippets, none of them very interesting, and that I often couldn't quite make out what K was saying. I wouldn't know much about first dates but I dare say I'm terrible at first dates and interviews. Whatever good or nice may be thought about me before an appointment is made and I show up and open my mouth must be proven wrong like it's my mission. To be fair, even though I've probably given him a hard time saying he only wants (or wanted?) to shag me (and that may still be true) I have to admit K was absolutely lovely. He was a gentleman, he was sweet, he offered me some of his chips and offered I could take some of his napkins. I didn't because I was too embarrassed to and just told him I'd wash my hands in a bathroom the next chance I got (="no, I prefer dirty hands"). He ate his sandwich neatly and left about half of the chips for me because he'd offered to share. He made polite conversation. I am just horrible.

In other news, I had a dream featuring the handsome Clive Owen telling the story of a real life Beast from the Beauty and the Beast. He used to be a baseball player until some government-related agency did something to him that turned him into a beast right in the middle of a game as he sat on a bench. The image of a 3D, real-life beast was somewhat breathtaking and yet less scary than I figure it should be. In my dream this Clive Owen person had been in Moonrise Kingdom and knew the kids in it. My dreams don't make a lot of sense. Nothing about me does.

[5.37pm edit]

Oh, goodness déjà vu: I had a very similar napkin-related incident with D.

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