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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Where are the reasonable people?

Where are they?

Uncle A found something he wants me to learn (circuits) and called me to let me know he's buying a book and boards for me to learn because (he claims) I'm going to need it eventually.  Hint: I don't think he knows.

Aunt A just came to ask if I'd like to have some old pyjama pants of hers. She says they just don't fit her "any more." But they're new, totally. She's never even worn them. The way they feel and the fact that they don't have a tag anymore, just mean that she never wears clothes without washing them first. Bollocks. 

Couldn't think of a way to say no. To either of them. 

And I can't say yes to SmTn or anything he stands for. That's just sad, innit?

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