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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Thanks for the support, by the way (Part 2)

Passed half of my test. The other half is pending because aunt A thinks I'm too thick. She actually takes pride in telling people about it, except mum. Mum said nothing, and aunt A didn't even dare push the subject. But BCM and uncle A? They heard all about how I'm too fucking stupid (and offered "maybe she's not"). May I interject for a bit? It is so incredibly infuriating that she'd put words in my mouth to excuse her excuse! UGh! Even though I'm in the house with paper-thin walls! Talk about thick... I've said nothing. I'm looking at alternatives, however expensive, and I've kept to my room pretty much all day. I didn't even stop to have dinner outside. I made soup for dinner, but I didn't eat it in the kitchen arguing I was hungry early and didn't feel like waiting. Bollocks, I should know, but I don't feel like putting up with other shit and I've already opted to be silent about it. I didn't refute, I didn't argue. I shut the fuck up and let aunt A tell tragedies. I'm stuck, then.

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