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Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I'm sorry, my writing voice is just not quite with me today. The other post I started earlier today I'll post later. For now let me just leave two tidbits of information:

1) As I sat at the bus stop a man walked to me and asked if I had some change to spare. I said I didn't and tried to avoid conversation but he started one anyway: "You know you're pretty, right?" or "Do you know you're pretty?"... something along those lines. He then went on to tell me about how important it is to get an education and how a nephew of his is doing great with his newly earned degree. He soon enough left me to tell the other person waiting at the bus stop about his nephew.

2) I went to tango lessons today. Met K, who I'm sure I'll end up mentioning again because I'm sure this is not the last I've seen of him. He's also a beginner, but we danced together (for quite a bit, too, because we ended up talking more than dancing). He's the last person I danced with, which means he got to ask me, phone in hand as I left, for my number and I gave it to him. Because... sure, why not. I asked him to text me his name just so I'd know his number too (and his name, I'm afraid I only remember the names of two people there even though I was introduced to at least 5). Anyway, there was a "vibe" and he started texting me pretty much as soon as I got in the car and then a little more after we arrived. He eventually asked around 11:10pm what time I usually went to sleep saying he didn't want to disturb me and I answered with an "Around midnight..." leaving it up to him to go on talking until midnight or start a conversation later. I'm on the fence as to whether or not this means anything at all. I confess I've let a few rogue thoughts race through my head and it's... not an entirely unpleasant scenario. At any rate, I walked in wanting no more than to make friends and I'm well aware of the fact that he only joined the group to find a girl to shag so... Tag if I'm fucking it.

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