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Friday, 15 March 2013

Stop it!

Had a day out with the twins and family yesterday. I had a lovely time but arrived dead tired. I only just had enough energy to lay in bed for a while, fetch dinner, shower and then not come out of bed again until today.

I had breakfast with aunt A. She asked if I had other cousins on my dad's side and stopped to remark on the tragedy of his two brothers dying so young, one after the other. We talked about the twins and my cousin and how they're doing quite all right but she stopped to remark how they had such a terribly sad childhood. We talked about buying ingredients to make lunch/dinner tomorrow and I pointed out I spoke with mum yesterday about dessert and she stopped me short saying she's heard it just can't be done here. What is it to her? What is it with her? (I know that's a rhetorical question). Why must it be impossible to hold a regular conversation with aunt A without her finding tragedies in fucking everything?

[5:04pm edit]
You don't tell a 5 year old he's very sick and he's going to die! Especially if he's perfectly fine! Agh!

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