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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rather random dreams

I had a few dreams last night. Can't say I remember any of them too well, but here goes:

In one dream I was in a Jurassic Park/Hunger Games island. There were dinosaurs and there was a group of children expected to kill one another.

In another dream I went to the beach with two or three other people, one of them a guy who was cold but hadn't brought any more clothes with him. It was fairly cool out, to be fair. The sea was stormy and it kept washing away the sand. Being in the water was dangerous enough to be a little scary.

In yet another dream I was in a room with several other people. It appeared to be some sort of dance class and we were practising a move where women lay on their backs on the floor, lifted their legs and the men did something else after that. My partner couldn't quite figure out a good distance to do the manoeuvre.

In another dream all I remember is K. I don't know what exactly happened with K but we seemed to be having a conversation about us dating or not dating. Or perhaps not. I honestly have no idea. It just seemed a bit odd to be dreaming about him and I thought it was the first time I dreamed about him until I realised it wasn't. 

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