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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Note to self: it's a bad idea to call victory too early


I'm tired. Not exactly news, is it?

Had an exam yesterday. Didn't study properly for it. I thought it would be all right because I managed to read cram the last chapters until I actually read the exam questions. Two questions I'm sure I should have been able to do but spectacularly failed to because of maths. Of all things, maths. I actually wrote impossibly inaccurate formulas only high school students first coming across exponents would believe are true. Goodness... it was very frustrating. Here's hoping I did decently, even though I'm aiming for a 80/100 and that's being generous. 

That still leaves another test I have on Wednesday and have not studied one bit for. Incidentally, I didn't do too well in last week's homework assignment or quiz either. Awesome.

In case there was any doubt, yes procrastination has a lot to do with it. The jaded feeling isn't doing me any favours either.

Procrastination extends to applying for a job. Well, there are several parts to that. Cousin S spoke with a few people. The first of those is a professor who runs a neuroscience lab I could work in, because I'm interested in neuroengineering (or so I've been telling myself and anyone who will listen). So far, so good. I met with him and all went well. He even wrote me an e-mail telling me (paraphrasing a bit) that he'd like to have me working in his lab. Problem? I don't really want to work in his lab: that would involve cutting live animals open and prodding them with electrodes. Not my cup of tea... So, I told cousin S one of the things said professor told me when we met: other students will have an advantage over me (namely, PhD students). Cousin S diligently found other professors I can talk to and I have put off talking to them. I've put off talking to an academic advisor to see about the courses I need to register for next semester and how I'm going to fix a minor inconvenience with my admission (you can imagine, I'm sure, how excited I am about all this).

Maybe if I tell cousin S about the first professor's e-mail over lunch he'll have a word of advice. One thing holding me back from talking to the other professors is that their offices are right next to the first professor's. It would feel like cheating.

Not helping matters any is the fact that they've changed the online job posting system, which means I have to start over from scratch to apply for other jobs. On the not-so-bright side I did receive an e-mail telling me I have a very impressive résumé but they chose someone else for a somewhat menial job.

Also on the subject of calling victory too soon, K. Haven't spoken with him in a while (read: since Wednesday). Something tells me he won't be talking to me and I've quite honestly lost all will to take the initiative. Too one-sided, if you ask me, and I'm not even all that interested. 

Worse still, guess who I am interested in?

I'll give you a second in case the answer's not obvious to you immediately.


LesMisGuy. Of course. Surprised?

I know, I know. 

On another subject, is it not time for some ranting about aunt A? Because she thinks I say it's too warm in the house just to aggravate her and she thinks she speaks for the world when she says she's cold. Case at hand, LC4 is coming over. I'm babysitting and he might stay the night. I made his bed and didn't bother with a blanket because it's quite warm anyway but can take it from my closet if need be. Aunt A started about how he might get cold and how he likes to cover himself with a blanket and implied I must be an evil human being wanting LC4 to suffer and die of hypothermia in the freezing cold of 24ºC. I could mention how we saw a tall, thin, scrawny looking guy and she said she was scared for him because he must be anorexic/bulimic/very sick. I could mention how impertinent her questions about aunt LM were. I could mention how she keeps telling me she's totally making an appointment for the facial. I could mention a number of other things. I won't. I'm going with a *Nazgûl shriek* Yes, I just did that. 

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