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Sunday, 3 March 2013

No such thing as a body mask

I'm considering taking tango lessons. Which is to say, they are held at very inconvenient times, I attended the first lesson and I'm considering showing up for the next ones if I can find a way to do it without having to run out early or inconvenience aunt A with having to pick me up. You know how she pretends menstrual cramps are simple tummy aches and she doesn't usually pay much attention to them? Well, last night I had cramps and had run out of pain relievers so I asked for some more. Fast forward to this morning she asked me if I was all right and whether I would even feel good enough to go dancing tango. On a bad day of cramps, I would have bent over in pain, not moving, not eating, not sleeping. But I don't have mum or even my sister to offer a hot cup of tea to deal with such days so I have to toughen up and make sure I don't have them. The pills I ended up using (more leftovers of hers, since she refuses to admit acetaminophen is a perfectly acceptable pain reliever) are fairly strong and I was good until just about now with the pill I took this morning. 

Fast forward to the 35min of the lesson I managed to be there for. I won't bore you with details. There was this guy who was a bit less of a beginner than the others were. I danced with him once and he remarked I was anticipating his movements and wasn't waiting for him to make them in order to follow. I was tempted to write a cheap psychology analysis based on this but the cat is a bit too comfortable laying on my chest and making typing a bit too hard. I just thought it was worth mentioning. 

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