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Monday, 25 March 2013

It must be horrible (a.k.a. get mad at me all you want, I'm not poisoning the dog)

 - Look at that bike! It's so strange... it must be very hard to drive.
 - I don't think so, it looks like it has the same controls of any other bike.
 - Oh but it must be so fragile... Imagine getting into an accident, it must be very dangerous...
 - *silence*

 - Look at that dog (we usually see this dog and its owner out on walks) it's so fat!
 - It's most likely just fur. That dog goes out for a lot of walks.
 - It's certain to get a heart attack! Wasn't ____ (family dog who died of heart failure) also fat?
 - Nooo. *silence*

 - Oops, dropped a piece of chocolate cookie on the floor. *makes to put it in the bin*
 - Feed it to the dog.
 - Chocolate is toxic to dogs.
 - Oh, she eats anything and she's always been ok. 
 - I'd still rather not. *drops it in the bin*
 - *storms off raging mad*
 - *settles down to eat lunch*

 - Why is the cookie you threw in the bin again in the fridge?
 - It isn't. I dropped a piece of cookie, I put it in the bin. The rest of the cookie stayed in the fridge. Why would I pick something up from the bin to put it in the fridge?
 - Oh, I don't know, that's why I'm asking.

 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

[9:43pm edit]
It continues to continue. BCM gave me a lift and I arrived to find uncle A. Nowhere was aunt A to be seen. I suspected she might have been that mad at me because it would not be completely unheard of. Some time later she came to my room to say hello and tell me about her day. Some idiot was tailgating her. She followed rules and slowed down so he could overtake her but he didn't. Instead, aunt A said, he made rude gestures and eventually opted for a manoeuvre that had aunt A braking so hard the tires screeched. I'm with aunt A in that it was very wrong of this man and that she followed proper procedure and that it was not a pleasant situation to be in. But she wanted to make it a close encounter with death that could have resulted in the death of both her and LC4 had he been in the car at the moment and... well, I suppose I can almost understand why uncle A cut her off and got her mad.

It must be such a horrible place inside her head where everything must take a turn for the horrible. She complains about her friends' bad memory and bad health but she fails to see she forgets things often enough and only seems to remember tragic events and examples which she assumes are the norm because she forgets there are alternative endings that have so far led everything to go well enough.

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