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Friday, 29 March 2013

A pattern (perhaps)

I thought about it hard, went back through old posts and confirmed it. Last night's was not the first dream I have of SmTn where he's somehow hurt. His leg, his hand, now his back (or knee or other joint). There must be some meaning behind it, wouldn't you agree? It can't all be a coincidence. Perhaps related (perhaps not) is the fact that in the dream where SmTn's leg was hurt there was also a bear, and one of it's paws was hurt too. It's certainly strange. I don't think of SmTn as the sort of person afflicted by injuries, which may or may not make sense. He practices more sports than I can name. He's outdoorsy and active. He's the sort of person who either very rarely gets hurt or can brush it off like it didn't happen.

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