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Saturday, 2 February 2013

You can tell I don't party a lot

I had this dream last night that I was going out with Di and AOB. I'm not sure how it was arranged, but Di offered that we go to this new place. It was a completely novel idea, in the dream: someone hosted a party for grown ups, just like some people do the same for kids. Someone provided the music, lights and drinks... all you had to do was pay a fee and wait in line to get in. It's discotheques (yes, after double-checking I'm sticking with the old-fashioned word because...). 

Also in a dream last night I was babysitting LC1-LC3 and we were in an apartment with a balcony. LC3 freaked me out sitting too far near the edge on a toy car and I had to tell him to get down twice as I spoke with Di or AOB on the phone.

Unrelated guilty confession: I went ahead and watched that kiss again. 


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