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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Yes, I'm not really working on my homework assignments even though I should. I know. There's the minor bother of an uncomfortable seat, namely just a too-narrow something to put butt on in front of a table. No back support, uncomfortable distances between table edge and chair... I digress. That's not the reason I started this blog post.

Not really worth noting (but can't you tell I'm stalling?) is the fact that I forgot to mention something I saw the other day. I made myself comfortable (or not, I really do miss being able to lie down on the grass but being outside here means being surrounded by bugs) on a bit of a semi-sphere turned upside down. I looked at the ground beneath me and noticed two things: first, a snakeskin (at least 60-70cm long) and an unopened (thank goodness!) condom. I can't pretend I know what people use Instagram for but it's exactly the sort of thing I'd post on there if I posted anything at all. Or perhaps not. Who would I post it for in the first place...? Anyway... So, there's that. 

Now for the real matter at hand. There is no proper introduction for taking a seat on the bus, being one of only two passengers and having the bus driver break the question: why do you think women all over the world are abused? Now, this particular bus driver is one I've seen many times before, an older man, and dare I say he looks like the kind that's grown wise with old age. As uncomfortable a conversation topic as it was (one I could only answer with an "I don't know" shrug), I really just think he was trying to make friendly conversation considering both of his only passengers were women. I couldn't make out everything he said, mostly because of the background noise, but I half-overheard him talking to the other woman. I can't remember much of what was said, except for the woman telling of how a friend of hers was raped and said nothing of it to the police. I mulled the subject over in my head for a while.

While it may be the case that there exists a community somewhere where they have not even heard of the idea of rape, the bus driver remarked that it's prevalent in lots of different cultures all over the world and wondered why. I wonder with him, I don't have an answer. A simplistic point of view would try to say that animals are wired to have sex "whenever" and, for instance, dogs are expected to mate just because male dogs are always ready to have sex and at some times female dogs are ready to get pregnant. Note, however, that not all dogs go about it this way. Female dogs don't always let just any dog hump them. Natural selection has a lot to do with choosing who to have sex with and that means sometimes we're allowed to say no. Whether or not "no" means anything in any given context is what seems to be up for discussion right now. 

Oh, will the guys next to me just shut up already! You! Whiner! Stop making excuses! We're on to you! Show up for the bloody meetings and cut it out with the complaints.

I'm going to make a claim. I won't verify it, I will only justify why I think it's true. It's mostly men who commit rape. I'm sure there might be very aggressive lesbians out there, but I daresay women who rape men are a rarer sight than that. My explanation for it is that a man with an erection can just stick it anywhere while an aroused woman's choices are more limited (granted they're both in the rapist mindset to begin with). None of that does much to explain why rapes happen at all, though. The fact remains that while some are willing to chalk up the loss, some won't stop until they get what they want. 

Why does anyone do anything if not "because they can"?

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