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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Swimming away

So, until I left the cat in the garage (lest any mishaps be blamed on me) both the cat and the dog kept me company last night. The dog actually slept on the carpet next to me. Bless them, I appreciate it. I had a dream about going to a beauty salon with aunt A. Some famous man was there giving a lot of women, including aunt A, facials. He'd start with aunt A, move on to the next 7 or so women and start again with aunt A, one step at a time. Aunt A was a bit annoyed not to get his undivided attention. I don't know what exactly I was doing in the salon but I got into an argument with one of the men there (a heavier, bearded Russian-looking man in his 40s-50s) and was so upset I walked out. Without even bothering to bring my shoes with me. The dog followed me. Somehow, I ended up jumping into a nearby river and hopping on a boat. Which was fine until the boat started speeding a way, at which point I had to ask the man driving it to drop me off by the salon. Aunt A was there holding my shoes for me. We left.

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