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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

That is, oddly enough, an explanation I hadn't thought of

I had a dream last night where  my sister, A and I got on a car with LesMisGuy. He drove us to university and we got out. It was starting to get dark. A had plans for me and LesMisGuy, so in a somewhat manipulative way he told him to leave his mobile phone alone lest it run out of battery (which would be inconvenient for the drive back). I don't know if we were drinking... but it certainly looked like LesMisGuy had had a drink or two (he wasn't drunk, just a little buzzed). After sufficient chit-chat (which involved Skyping with my parents, who were making a croquembouche tower and holding some sort of dog race where dogs, not ours: poodles, ran around the house) A suddenly let out something along the lines of "Why aren't you and linaThumbe together?" and through a somewhat confusing (now) line of events including him admitting that he has a very hard time expressing his feelings and lots of guys from the physics department (and/or summer school), commanded by CtThumbe,  ganging up as if to beat him up for being so stupid we ended up a couple. It was odd, because one of them had a badass metal band t-shirt that was very soft, and LesMisGuy was supposed to have a thing for soft-fabric t-shirts and they sort of became friends. I know the process of us becoming a couple included him sending me a text message: "Will you be my girlfriend?" but by the time I saw it I already knew we were together and I somewhat remember hugging him and kissing him. It was really very nice but if my parents' cooking doesn't indicate that it was near Christmas time then I can tell you: it was almost Christmas time. And it was implied I'd be going away for good come that time and we'd only get to be together for a rather short period of time (which was sort of to blame on him, really). 

Unrelated, I suddenly remembered a dream I had where I pushed down the palm of my hand, just under my thumb, and a staple came out. I remembered it as I looked at my left hand's palm, which had something not unlike a somewhat irregular papercut which, now that I look at it closely, is just about as long as a staple.

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